• Baanou fashion shopping website, shopify, liquid template
  • Baanou fashion shopping website, shopify, liquid template, various panel call to action
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Baanou an Ecommerce Fashion boutique

Shopify landing page template creation

Baanou are a Houston based fashion boutique, that have recently developed an ecommerce web solution running on Shopify. I have redesigned and built the homepage template using Shopify's templating language, '.liquid'. The previous homepage contained only a fullscreen slideshow, which wasn't beneficial for search engine optimisation 'SEO'. I have restructured the homepage with content areas that introduces Baanou, created various call-to-action panels that drive clicks to relevant collections, such as 'Shop Womens New Arrival' displayed in carousel, 'Shop by Designer' side panel, and 'Shop Women's Clothing Sale' block. The result generated more traffic to the site, resulting in more sales

  • Site speed optimisation
  • Template design & build
  • SEO tips for content creation
  • Overall css cleaning up

Webpage test below:

baanou website performance speed

Made For

Baanou - Houston, USA

Technology Used

Shopify - Liquid - HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript



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