Made For

Bentley - UK

Technology Used

Angular 2 - TypeScript - SCSS - Greensocks - Webpack - Grunt


JavaScript Developer



Bentley After Sales Performance Portal, a Single-Page Application built using Angular 2 used by retailers across the globe

I worked on this application at Mosaique Creative & Marketing where I have developed the front-end with HTML5 and SCSS using BEM approach. While building ‘Bentley CEM SPA’ we made all of the components reusable and extendible for ultimate code reuse between both applications. The application menu content gets generated dynamically depending on the user role and privileges. All parts that compose the application are loaded dynamically, from handcrafted Web API. The Single-Page Application houses several programs available for regional managers and dealers across the globe:

  • After Sales Performance
  • CEM
  • Rewards
  • KPIs
  • Retailer summary report in PDF format

The SPA was built using Angular 2, coming from an AngularJS background the later felt more robust, faster and better in performance. We used Webpack for bundling, minification, Hot module reloading 'HMR', PostCSS and many more; good old Grunt task runner came to the rescue for creating web-font from a set of SVGs and other front-end tasks.

Updated: Since the project has been released, the SPA has been upgraded from Angular 2, to 4, and lately to Angular 6.


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