Rich Engaging Single-Page Applications 'SPAs' Development

Web applications are replacing the old fashioned desktop applications, they are not bound to one device, they are easy to update, and accessible from anywhere.

SPAs offer dynamic interactions resembling native mobile and desktops apps, minus the fact that you have to install them. The difference between a regular website and an SPA, is the reduced amount of page refreshes; it relies on AJAX, a way the front-end application communicates to the back-end server to retrieve data. 
There are many popular JavaScript Frameworks for building SPAs. For all Single-page applications projects that I have built I use a clean well architected JavaScript framework such as Angular, and Vue.js.

The demand for complex and refined apps is huge and is constantly growing,
is your application NEXT?

Some of the Interactive Web Apps I have crafted

As a JavaScript developer with professional experience in building efficient and scalable Single-Page Applications (SPAs). On a daily basis I work on crafting complex front-end projects with the latest languages and frameworks. JavaScript ecosystem can feel like a Christmas market, stuffed with frameworks and libraries choosing the right one is a key for a successful project. Throughout my professional career I have worked on various frameworks such as AngularJS, Angular 2, 4, 6 and VueJS 1/2.

Below is a selection of Single-Page Applications (SPAs) that I have hand-crafted as a sole-developer or part of a larger team.

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