Made For

ROYD Design Studio - Beirut Lebanon

Technology Used

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - LESS - Grunt - Umbraco 7 CMS - AJAX


Design, Front-end developer, Umbraco Development



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Creative responsive website for 'ROYD Architecture

A creative web experience targeting both web and mobile platforms which showcase luxury architecture development in a clean and interactive way with a fully customised CMS to update content easily at anytime.

As Full stack Developer I was responsible for the design, front-end & backend programming for ROYD, turning static design into interactive ajax driven website incorporating various animation technique a scale up push back page transition. The Design was clean & minimal utilising fullscreen photography, flat colors. I have used Umbraco 7 as a CMS due its flexibility & doesn't have design restrictions.


Site Preloader Animation Using SVG & TweenMax

I have achieved the desired hand drawn effect by animating the following css properties 'stroke-dasharray' and 'stroke-dashoffset'. The animation for the rest of the composition is using TimelineMax.

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