Content-managed solutions using Umbraco a fully-featured CMS

There is dozen of Content-Management-System in the www. arena, each has its strength and weaknesses. I have used many CMSs in my career some had faded away, and some still breathing, Worpress, Drupal and Orchard to name few. I have started using Umbraco seven years ago, when they have launched version 7 which is a revolutionary compared to its predecessor, a fully-featured open source Content-Management -System loved by thousands for its flexibility and great editing experience. Over the past 7 years I have built over a dozen of Umbraco driven websites, across various industries. Umbraco gives you a platform where you have the freedom to build things your way, with no restriction to the front-end. With Umbraco I can create anything from a simple blog, API driven Web Apps, to responsive campaign site, E-Commerce solutions with customer-experience in mind and minimal training.

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Umbraco fits a vast variety of solutions, below some of the 
Interactive websites I have crafted

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