Made For

Illustrator Holly Khraibani, UK

Technology Used

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - Umbraco 7 CMS


Full Stack Developer – Designer – UX/UI – Information Architecture – Client Consultation.



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Design, Front-end & Backend Development for 'Illustration by Holly'

A creative web experience targeting both web and mobile platforms which showcase the artist stunning illustrations in a clean & interactive way. The content is managed by a fully customised CMS to update it easily at anytime.

Make it Interactive worked alongside Holly Khraibani, an award winning illustrator based in the South West of UK, to design and develop her second website. We decided that 'Flat Design' was the best solution to deliver a clean interface that keeps the user focused on the artwork. Holly helped in choosing a colour palette for primary colors, text colors and background colors. The typography was also chosen by the artist.

The website has a composition of large images using a ‘Hero Banner’ to showcase the artist’s talent. The images are served using 'Slimmage'; a context-friendly responsive image solution that serves beautiful retina yet optimized images across devices. A traditional ‘chunky’ top navigation with horizontal drop down menu, while a pull down menu was better suited for mobile & tablet devices.

The portfolio page displays the artist's latest work across various categories. The artwork is displayed in a ‘chessboard’ style grid utilizing the full width of the browser while alternating between the cover image and project information.

As well as crafting the front-end of the website, I developed the backend with a fully customised CMS using Umbraco, setting up independent and editable modules including carousel, testimonial, and keywords ‘data-types’ which allow the administrator to create an infinite number of components for each section. I have integrated Umbraco ‘Grid Layout’ on various document types which allows the editor to insert different content or widgets in a predefined layout, but yet not restricted to column size or flow which allowed the artist to create something unique.


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