Made For

Karcher UK

Technology Used

HTML5 - LESS - AngularJS - Grunt - Greensocks


JavaScript Developer



Karcher Product Selector, a Single-Page Applications (SPA) built using AngularJS delivered across various DIY stores

I was responsible for the front-end build of 'Karcher Product Selector' a Single-Page Application (SPA). Having built 'Karcher Virtual House' and the previous version 'Karcher Product Selector', both versions were built using vanilla JavaScript. This time I have used AngularJS which allowed us to write less boilerplate code and focus on what matters which is releasing features. The app was deployed across 200 android devices all locked behind a Kiosk mode, which were then rolled out in 'Halfords' stores across the UK. The App was built using web technologies, available on the web and published to android tablets without going through the Google Play Store.

Simple and slick interactions to fortify the creative experience

 Creative and simple interactions, subtle animation enriching the user experience and facilitating the navigation. 



A Product Selector that displays related cleaning task underneath each product


002/ Product Detail View

The view includes a how-to video, and the ability to navigate to the next or previous filtered product without having to go back to the main filter


#003 - Interactive Product Selector

A series of sliders smartly wired to choose your perfect pressure washer.


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